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Default Re: Veni, vidi, VA
Hi Hewitt, welcome to the forums! There is actually a growing number of men in the industry, but you're in great company here either way

Don't let yourself get bogged down in the little details - yes it IS important to plan and know where you're taking your business, who you're marketing to, and how you plan to organize your work schedule, etc. BUT don't let too many of the little pieces of the puzzle stop you from moving forward.

When I was first starting out I worked first on the 'fun' things (coming up with a business name, thinking about the services I would offer and drafting a services menu, working out fees, etc.) and once the momentum had built up a bit I spent time on the things that seemed less fun to me but are no less important (researching and registering my business in my state and city, learning about taxes, writing my contracts and policies, etc.)

Even with the work that went into all of that, I still found myself adding policies and procedures, updating contracts, and learning new things through exposure and experience that changed the direction of my business many, many times. So don't be too rigid with yourself and know that your business will grow as you do and as you learn more about who you enjoy working with, what you enjoy working on, and as you learn new skills, etc.

Wishing you much success!

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