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Default Re: How do you find your target market?
I would like to ask then - who is your target market for more specific help? First and most importantly you need to make sure that your target market needs what you have to offer. The way to find this out is you have to identify their pain points by researching and investigating a cross section of who you would like to serve. One way to do this is to simply create a short list of questions and interview some of them. Contact them and just say..."I'm considering starting my own venture and I admire something, something you did or your company did..and I really could use your help. Could I buy you lunch and just pick your brain." The KEY!!!! Do not try to tell them anything whatsoever about your business. Do nothing but let them talk. Your ONLY goal is to get information about what drives them and what makes them crazy. In other words - their pain points. Listen to the language they use as well - which you will later use in your marketing. Then compile your information and identify the services you will "start with."

You also need to combine that with your own desires about who you want to work with. For instance - I know that there are certain types of people I work best with. I know the gender, the age range, their value & belief systems, what drives them and their personalities. For instance - I could no sooner work with a 25 year old, fresh out of business school graduate than I could work with a rattlesnake. Not that I have anything against them and they are not snakes (don't anyone email me). I just know I can't work with them. So I would not target young start-up marketing firms or consulting firms - because I know that, except for them getting jobs in corporate, this is where these young men will likely land.

Starting a business takes research...but the rewards will be great when you know who you are targeting, and with what message and what services.

HTH... Best of everything.
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