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Default Re: Website Review Request for Newbie

Welcome to the forum and here are my thoughts, please keep in mind they are my thoughts and based on personal preferences.

Your site it too dark and busy. I am distracted by the movement of items. Also this looks like a flash site which I am no way a fan of.

Your highlight colors (i.e. HEART in red) blend into your background and do not stand out at all.

The buttons or icons at the bottom are lost in the site itself. Had I not been reviewing and moving around I would have missed them or just thought of them as images.

Nav buttons only work if you are near the bottom of the button, if you click near the top or even in the center they do not work. This could lead to people being frustrated and leaving your site. (note: after refreshing the page because I got stuck they worked fine)

Bio is lost at the bottom of the page.

Services page looks more like an advertisement then what you offer and why I should consider it. You slider at the bottom is confusing and if I did not know to click on it would look like a bunch of jumbled copy.

Rates look good overall however the layout of the page again is an issue for me. It looks as if you have thrown all the information on the page and then added the sticky not graphic. I do like that you included the PayPal buttons.

The picture on the contact page needs to go, while it is cute it is just that and I am not sure why you need the Google map since you are a virtual company. If you want a map I would add the US or even a flat world layout.

Sorry for the "harshness" of the critique but I look to look at every site as a client and yours would not entice me at all.
Lee Drozak
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