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Default Re: I have a niche but I also have a problem. HELP!
I would start by contacting a few and introduce yourself and what you do. I would let them know you are doing a little research on their field and how your services can tie into that. Ask them what if anything is holding them back, how they could benefit from having more time or organization, how important is customer service, etc. I would also ask what would hold them back from using a service such as you. DO NOT try and sell yourself to them, just get the answers that you need.

From those answers then craft your overall message and pitch. You may find that there are reasons other than the obvious of why they would or would not use you.

I work with a non-profit business building organization and before we hold any event or workshop we as several business owners a few key questions to craft our future events. Sometimes we are completely surprised at the answers. This line of questioning has also helped me define some of the services that I now offer.
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