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Default HELP PLEASE!! New to the world of dictaphone
Hello everyone.

I have decided to look into the world of dictaphone transcriptions, and was wondering if anyone could please shed some light on a few questions:

1. Obviously digital is the best option, however in regards to brands and models, which dictaphone transcription machine is the best for daily use? As I am only learning, I would be starting off just building my speed and practicing my accuracy, however if I buy a machine I would like to have one that can be used for all future jobs when the time comes.

2. Am I correct in understanding that the process involves a client recording what needs to be typed, sending via the internet, I then download the file and type via the dictaphone machine I purchase (see I told you I am completely new to this dictaphone process).

3. What fee structure is usually charged for dictaphone services. Do you quote per project or do you charge for how long it has taken (after the fact)?

4. Does anyone know of any websites available that allow people learning dictaphone to practice and hone their skills?

As I mentioned previously, at this stage I am wanting to purchase a machine, and then practice like mad before I add this service to my list on the website, however it's an area that is incredibly grey to me (but also incredibly exciting as I think I would really enjoy it).

Thanks for reading my help post.

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