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Default Re: How Long to Purchase Domain Name fm
I feel I'm late on this as well. But, for my two cents, I've referred my clients and friends to Doteasy through the link on my website.

With Doteasy, you pay an annual fee of $25 for your domain registration and basic hosting is $0. For 2 years, it's $45, and for more years, it's discounted again.

Doteasy also provides you with a free website creator, templates, emails, guestbook, forum, blog, etc. I found it to be the most reasonably priced and easy to use for building a basic website with text and pictures. I have actually been able to add building affordable websites to my services and make a pretty good profit for 5-10 hours max of work.

I also get a $5 referral fee if the referrer registers through my website. Not bad!!
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