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Default Re: How Long to Purchase Domain Name fm
Originally Posted by AnnaLisa Michalski View Post

No, registering and hosting are not the same. Registration is just reserving the domain for yourself and making a public record of who its administrator is. Here's the thing: you can register as many domains as you want, but you can't really do anything with them (i.e., you can't actually upload a "site" the world can see) until you order hosting also.

Paying for hosting is sort of like leasing an apartment. You pay rent (hosting fees) for the right to occupy a certain unit (domain and server space) of his building. Usually, your landlord (host company) also provides some level of maintenance, security, and/or utility services (tech support, spam guards, etc.) as part of your lease package. That may be a weak analogy--does it make sense?

I agree it's simplest to use the same company for both registration and hosting, but you don't have to. As for why I switched, I'd feel kind of funny giving any of the "dirty details" of my bad experience publicly. I'll PM you.
Sorry to bother you again AnnaLisa but, is registering the same as purchasing the domain name?
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